Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review Haywire

Ain dapat tgk pre screning pada 31/1/2012....

Ni Pendapatan ain heheheh :- 

Ain suke cerita ni... best even husband ckp sgt slow.... dan bila setiap kali ape2 dia nk wat... rasa kecut la perut nie... huhu... tp pelikkan ain suke cerita ni sdgkan sgt2 ramai org yg tak suke... hihihi... tp di sebabkan suami terchenta kata boring...boring... dan boring... so decide jgk tuk kuar panggung dan waktu tu mmg da ramai yang blah pun... hihihi....

So untuk korang2 sume... hurmmm... ain suggest p la tgk... mn tau korang mcm ain kan...huhuhu... kalau hubby mmg kondem abis ar citer nie.... haruuuu la dpt citer tak best la plak kan.... hahahaha...

Nah Sinopsis citer nie.... layaaannnnn

Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) enters a diner in Upstate New York and waits. A car arrives and Aaron (Channing Tatum) joins her. After a short conversation about their employer, Aaron orders Mallory to get in his car. She refuses, and they fight, with Aaron nearly capturing Mallory before the intervention of Scott (Michael Angarano), a customer in the diner, allows Mallory to break Aaron's arm, knock him unconscious, and escape with Scott in Scott's car.

Mallory tells Scott that both she and Aaron are contractors with a private firm employed by the American government for covert operation assignments. One week before, at a meeting among government agent Coblenz (Michael Douglas), his contact, Rodrigo (Antonio Banderas), and the firm's director (and Mallory's ex-boyfriend) Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), the firm was hired to rescue Jiang (Anthony Brandon Wong), who is being held in Barcelona. Mallory and her team, which includes Aaron, succeed in rescuing Jiang and delivering him to Rodrigo.

Shortly thereafter, Mallory is approached by Kenneth, who insists she undertake what he claims is an easy assignment: pose as the wife of British agent Paul (Michael Fassbender) during a mission in Dublin. Mallory agrees and accompanies Paul to a party at Russborough House, where they meet with his contact, Studer (Mathieu Kassovitz). Paul meets with Studer again as Mallory watches from afar. She sees Paul go into a barn, and after he leaves she enters it to find Jiang dead, clutching in his hand a brooch which Kenneth required her to wear as a recognition signal for her initial contact with Paul.

Mallory realizes she has been set up and returns to her hotel room, where she is attacked by Paul. They fight, Mallory gets the upper hand and shoots Paul dead. Mallory calls Kenneth from Paul's phone. As Kenneth picks up the phone, he asks "is the divorce final?" Mallory doesn't answer, and Kenneth realizes that Mallory is still alive and now knows about the set-up. As Mallory leaves her hotel, a SWAT team appears to arrest her but she escapes after a chase, and manages to enter the United States and reach the diner, where she meets Scott.

Mallory calls Coblenz who tells her that he has had suspicions about Kenneth for some time. Coblenz then contacts Kenneth and tells him to inform Mallory's father, John Kane (Bill Paxton) (who already knows of his daughter's occupation), of her crimes. Meanwhile, on the road, Mallory and Scott are chased by the police and hit a tree after a deer runs into Scott's car. They are both arrested, but soon the convoy is ambushed by assassins sent by Kenneth. Mallory escapes, kills the assassins, and releases Scott. She gives him a number to call for protection and leaves to meet with her father.

Mallory reaches her father's house in New Mexico before Kenneth, Aaron, and two additional men arrive to interrogate John on his daughter's whereabouts. Aaron starts to realize that Mallory might have been set up and tries to press Kenneth for the truth, but Kenneth shoots him dead. Kenneth escapes as Mallory takes out his men.

The following day Mallory meets with Coblenz, who reveals that he ordered Kenneth to contact Mallory's father so she could kill him there. Mallory asks Coblenz to fix things with Scott, which he promises to do. Coblenz also informs Mallory of Kenneth's location. Before Mallory leaves, Coblenz offers her a government job but she replies only that she'll let him know, after she finds Kenneth.

In Mexico, Mallory confronts Kenneth at the beach and they fight. Kenneth tries to escape, but gets his foot jammed between two rocks. Kenneth reveals that Jiang was a journalist who had written a series of articles exposing Studer's crimes. Knowing that Mallory planned to leave his firm, Kenneth arranged for her to rescue Jiang and deliver him to Rodrigo, who then delivered him to Studer, who killed him. Kenneth then framed Mallory, planning to cut all ties that could lead to him by convincing Paul that Mallory was a double agent whom he should kill. Mallory leaves Kenneth to drown in the incoming tide for his betrayal.

Rodrigo is enjoying his "retirement" in Majorca. After his female companion is called away, Mallory descends onto the balcony behind him. When Rodrigo sees Mallory, his response is simply, "Shit", and the film ends.

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  1. best cite ni..kalau letak pelakon best, & lajukan sikit xyah tunjuk die jalan2 tu kan..lame sgt..hehe..