Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review ::. The Cabin in The Woods ::. Ganas dan kejam

selamat pagi sume... semlm BBC menang tiket dr majalah The Score utk tgk pra tonton citer The Cabin in The Woods kat Cathay E-Curve...

ceritanya pada BBC, sangat kejam dan ganas.... terlalu byk part yang mana sgt terkejut... buat semua terperanjat termasuklah BBC dan husband.... Ape pun BBC kasi 5 bintang dr 5... sbb cerita nie sgt best even byk jgk part yg BBC tutup mata... x sggp nk tgk :)

Directed by:
more credits

Distributed by:Lionsgate Films
MPAA Rating:
for strong bloody horror violence and gore, language, drug use and some sexuality/nudity.
Genres:Suspense Drama Horror Thriller 3D Post-3D

Synopsis: "The Cabin in the Woods" storyline provides a new twist on a classic scenario -- in this case
 the young-people-stranded-in-the-woods horror trope. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford will play 
white-collar co-workers with a mysterious connection to the cabin.

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